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Carol Byrne | 27 July, 2023

C&R Software Joins Forces with StepChange: Paving the Way for Empowered Financial Wellbeing

C&R Software, a leading provider of collections platforms committed to enhancing financial health with compassion and care, is excited to announce its partnership with StepChange Debt Charity, the UK's foremost not-for-profit offering free, impartial, expert debt advice. This long-term strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations as they unite in their shared vision of prioritizing consumers and revolutionizing debt support services with a more humanized approach. The partnership will see StepChange harnessing the power and capability of C&R Software’s solutions to transform the charity’s technical service provision, aligning to the future needs of StepChange, its clients and strategic partners.

StepChange has long been recognized as a beacon of hope for individuals facing financial challenges, providing tailored debt advice that empowers them to build financial resilience and regain control of their financial future. By teaming up with C&R Software, StepChange gains access to a state-of-the-art collections platform that complements their commitment to consumer-centricity and fosters better financial outcomes for individuals seeking assistance.

"C&R Software is thrilled to partner with StepChange, a trailblazer in the not-for-profit sector, dedicated to guiding consumers towards financial freedom," said Ed Wallen, CEO of C&R Software. "Together, we will strengthen our joint mission to empower individuals, ensuring they receive expert advice and support throughout their journey to financial recovery."

This partnership leverages the expertise of both organizations in their respective domains. StepChange's unrivaled debt advisory services, coupled with C&R Software's user-friendly collections platform, will streamline and simplify the process for consumers seeking assistance. By combining forces, the two companies will facilitate a more efficient and effective pathway for individuals to regain financial stability.

Vikki Brownridge, CEO at StepChange Debt Charity, said:

"We’re delighted to announce this exciting new partnership with C&R software, and I’m particularly pleased as new Chief Executive to be able to announce such a significant investment in the future of our charity, debt advice and debt solution provision across the UK.

“We know that the needs of people struggling with debt and our valued partners are changing all the time – particularly as households face the pressures of a cost of living crisis. That’s why it’s so vital that we evolve to meet their needs and deliver the very best quality service that we can.

“This partnership will allow us to help more people and it is a strong statement of intent from StepChange. We’re really excited to work with C&R to develop a platform that’s adaptable, innovative and will allow us to further develop our best-in-class service to our partners and clients for years to come.”

About C&R Software: C&R Software is a pioneering provider of collections platforms, dedicated to revolutionizing the debt collections process with a focus on consumer wellbeing. Their innovative software solutions are designed to assist individuals in achieving better financial health while ensuring a respectful and empathetic experience throughout their journey.

About StepChange: StepChange Debt Charity is the UK’s largest debt advice charity, helping hundreds of thousands of people a year. Founded in 1993, StepChange supports people experiencing debt problems through telephone and online services, and campaigns for change to reduce the harm and stigma associated with debt.

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 Carol Byrne
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