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Carol Byrne | 13 April, 2023

C&R Software Partners with DebtStream

Over 57% of data around the world is consumed using a smartphone, which makes sense since 96% of adults in the UK age 16-64 own a smartphone. The expectation that organizations provide digital services as part of the debt collection experience is a natural extension of these facts. 

DebtStream and C&R Software are pleased to announce their new partnership, offering Debt Manager clients another option for their customers in self-service, engaging customers online under their own brand. 

“It’s a supportive, easy-to-use option which contributes to a better experience for customers managing distressed debt,” says Brett Ellis, Head of Partnership and Enterprise at DebtStream.  

“Giving our clients options that support a better customer experience is a priority for all of us,” says Ed Wallen, CEO of C&R Software. “We’re humanizing the collections process at scale, and giving our clients digital options that meet their needs is a priority,” he continued.  

Delivering choice to consumers facing soaring inflation is a priority for both C&R Software and DebtStream. 

C&R Software delivers solutions across the Debt Collection and Recovery lifecycle, empowering organizations to manage their end-to-end collections operation more effectively and compliantly. Given the highly configurable nature of the solution, it supports businesses across many verticals including financial institutions, governments, utilities and telecoms, collection agencies and debt buyers, and more.  

DebtStream is a digital ‘self-service’ collections and recoveries platform, enabling any businesses carrying credit, such as lenders, utilities and debt collection agencies, to engage with their customers online under their own brand. Our digital platform enables businesses to help customers in a supportive, non-threatening, or imposing manner.

 Carol Byrne
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Carol Byrne

Carol serves as VP of Marketing at C&R Software. Carol connects C&R Software's pioneering products with customers all over the world.

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