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Carol Byrne | 16 August, 2022

C&R Software to Sponsor SmithNovak’s Global NPL 2022 International Summit

C&R Software is pleased to be a premium sponsor of the Global NPL 2022 summit, which takes place the 5-6th of October 2022 in London. Two industry experts from C&R Software, John McMahon and Nags Odedra will join two panel discussions reviewing the latest Technology & Innovation and the current Servicing Landscape. They’ll talk about the critical role a core collections system plays, deploying digital automation and streamlined, intelligent solutions to gain significant competitive advantage. The panels will focus on a variety of topical questions, offering innovative insights and details about latest technology and industry trends:

Technology & Innovation

  • Where technology best serves the NPL transactions and servicing market. Is digital transformation of vital importance to NPL players? What is the biggest obstacle to technology adoption?
  • Game changing technologies. Is AI fast on the road towards becoming sentient?
  • What specific range of tools should banks, investors, and servicers be using? Who is using latest technology? Where are adoption rates lowest?
  • Panellists comment on specific case studies where solutions have given clients commercial advantage over competitors.
  • What are the obstacles to new technology implementation? Where are the key business opportunities for technology companies?
  • The one message in relation to tech uptake the panellists would recommend to banks, investors, and servicers.

Servicer’s Panel

  • How can the European Servicing landscape be summarized? What new trends are emerging?
  • Who will acquire SME loans, and how will they be serviced? Can sufficient scale be achieved?
  • Automation, industrialization, and intelligent solutions: how are servicers achieving this?
  • What is the expected impact of the current economic turmoil on the Servicing market?
  • How have collections rates evolved through 2021 and, how will they progress going forward?
  • How can Servicers differentiate their service offering to better win new deals?

About the event

Hosted by SmithNovak, the 4th edition of this international summit provides a platform for the Non-Performing Loans professionals from all over the world to network and discuss the latest opportunities and market challenges.

For more information and tickets go to Global NPL 2022 (

 Carol Byrne
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Carol Byrne

Carol serves as VP of Marketing at C&R Software. Carol connects C&R Software's pioneering products with customers all over the world.

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