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Carol Byrne | 03 October, 2022

Debt Manager Summits: A Great Time to Talk about New System Capabilities

For two weeks last month, we were fortunate to host user group Summits in two different venues: the first in Washington, DC and the second, in London, UK. I say fortunate because getting together with clients is a true pleasure for our entire C&R Software team.

We have the greatest clients in the world, and seeing them in person reminds us why we do what we do. We’re humanizing at scale, never forgetting that improving the collection and recovery process for both user and consumer is mission-critical to a successful experience for both. Walking our clients through our roadmap and new capabilities was a highlight of each Summit, driving great conversations throughout the gathering.

Here’s a quick overview of the capabilities featured in our latest release: 

The user experience and agent productivity have been bolstered with additional FitAgent user interface capabilities. A receiver and creditor portal significantly streamlines the management of outsourced debt. New real-time and batch integration features simplify integrating Debt Manager into wider ecosystems.

Callout Services is a standalone, fully configurable service which enables Debt Manager to issue APIs calls to external systems in real time, process the response, and initiate appropriate updates in Debt Manager via REST APIs.

FitPortal is a new user interface, based on FitAgent and fully configurable via Page Builder, which provides third-party users – including receivers and creditors – Debt Manager access to view and work their assigned accounts.

FitAgent has been further expanded with a number of new capabilities, supporting agents in working consumers, accounts, and cases.

The Data Import Framework, configurable via reference tables, takes data from any external system in CSV, fixed length or XML format and generates files in standard import formats for loading into Debt Manager.

The Salesforce App retrieves collections data via Debt Manager APIs and displays this in real time in the Salesforce application, providing customer services and other staff outside of the collections team with a holistic view of customer debt.

Gathering our clients and spending time together is an annual tradition we love. We’re already looking forward to next year. For more information, Chris Hopkins or Jewel Vu would be delighted to help.

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