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Ed Wallen | 09 March, 2022

Helping you support your customers affected by the crisis in Ukraine


If you’re looking to provide extra support to your customers affected by the crisis in Ukraine, C&R Software is here to help.  

We know many of our clients have customers who are affected by the crisis in Ukraine: customers within Ukraine itself, but also their families and friends across the world. 

We also know many of our clients are working hard to provide extra support for these customers right now. 

We want to make it clear to all our clients we’re absolutely here to help you do this. 

Helping you configure Debt Manager, free of charge

The specific situation unfolding in Ukraine is one few of us have witnessed before. 

However, we do have experience helping clients support customers through crises and natural disasters. 

As a first step, if you’re working out how to reach your customers who might need help, email us at

We’ll explain what the Debt Manager platform can do, and provide support to configure the system  to make it happen. 

We won’t be charging for any consultation or technical support we give. This is our opportunity to work with our partners to make a difference in this difficult time. 

Using Debt Manager to support potentially vulnerable customers

There are many ways in which Debt Manager can identify customers who may be impacted. 

For example, it can highlight customers in your system with Ukrainian addresses or connections. Or it can pinpoint people who have used a credit card within Ukraine over recent weeks. 

The hope is this gives you the visibility you need to take proactive steps to support these customers. 

Debt Manager can be configured to provide specific communications for these customers, including tailored texts and emails to explain the relief you’re providing them.

Email us

We really urge you to send us an email. Configuring Debt Manager to identify potentially vulnerable customers and deliver tailored support can take just minutes. 

If you prefer, your usual C&R Software contact is also happy to help. 

We stand with Ukraine. Our hearts and thoughts are with the Ukrainian people.  

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