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Ed Wallen | 16 May, 2022

How Debt Manager helps Salesforce users assess customers

New integration provides better visibility to make more accurate decisions

Banks, utilities, and other organizations using Salesforce as their enterprise CRM platform and Debt Manager as their collection and recovery solution are now able to access customer data from Debt Manager to better assess their customers’ situations.

Outside the organization’s collections teams, users would typically have no access to Debt Manager and therefore no access to collections records and the history of a customer’s delinquent accounts. Currently, a bank’s customer service staff would not have access to Debt Manager data which shows a customer’s debt history. This new integration gives this same staff visibility of a customer’s status and history via Debt Manager – which could help determine the decision on a loan or new credit card – without the staff needing access or training on Debt Manager.

“This new integration gives Salesforce users visibility of customer’s current status and historical information about collections, thereby giving them a more holistic view of that customer,” says Chris Hopkins, Senior Director of Product Management at C&R Software.

“It pulls data from Debt Manager in real-time via secure APIs which means the customer service staff can have a more informed conversation with the customer – and their customers are happier because of this. It may be they’re able to deal with a debt situation better, so delinquent accounts may cure, which then resolves the debt situation.”

Additional benefits of the service, which is available on early release, include reduced risk of delinquency when credit extensions are denied as a result of greater visibility across the organization, and cost savings from fewer queries being directed to the collections team.

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