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Ed Wallen | 17 January, 2022

The Power of the User Interface: It’s a Game Changer

The power of a beautiful, clean, and intuitive interface can’t be overstated.  It’s especially true for organizations helping consumers manage their financial obligations.  A vast amount of data has to be consolidated and quickly understood.  

The goal is to create an interface that streamlines interactions and helps users focus on the tasks in front of them, doing their jobs more efficiently and compliantly.  

When creating our own user interface, for example, we hired a UX psychologist and a team of UX designers, working with more than 40 clients to iterate on design concepts followed by usability testing, monitoring calls, and conducting interviews with system users, trainers and company leadership.  

The result is FitAgent™, which offers clear and intuitive user navigation within an impeccable information architecture. It takes into consideration the context of the customer profile, account, jurisdiction, regulatory and corporate policy, and more.

System users can be onboarded in record time, immediately adhering to the goals and processes the business requires. The new hire doesn’t need any previous experience; FitAgent guides them through efficient, effective processes, minimizing the cognitive effort required. 

It dynamically controls user activity, tailoring specific information in an easy-to-understand display, outlining actions that are clear, supported by guardrails which prevent non-compliant activity. This creates a better experience for the user, decreases attrition, with little to no upfront training cost.

The user experience is outstanding, and productivity increases are fast. Business impact is immediate and substantial, making FitAgent an absolute game changer.   

Watch a FitAgent Demo and contact C&R Software to learn more.  

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